The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Music Festival

Music festivals have long been one of the most important and popular aspects of live music in the UK as it brings music fans from all over the world to enjoy some of the most spectacular bands and musicians performing. But everything starts small, and by already having experience in organising smaller gigs, the next step would be to organise a small music festival.

Follow this guide to understand the most important aspects to consider with planning your first festival.

Funding and Sponsoring

As this is your first festival, it’s important not to empty out your life savings. Rather get sufficient sponsorships and funding to help somewhat with the costs involved in booking the bands and the venue. Soon as the venue and the line-up is paid through sponsorships and funding, you are on your way to a lucrative festival. Getting local buskers involved is a great way to introduce lesser-known acts as well.

Get the Finer Details Down

The finer details are the more obvious details such as locations, genres of music that the bands should be involved in, ideas of particular bands you want to book, and how many people are expected to show up.

Once the overall idea of what type of festival it should be is clear, then the location should be considered with the utmost focus as too big or too small of a venue could ruin your festival.

Secure Necessary Permits

The most important permits are Noise Variance Permits, Health permits, and insurance. Insurance is an extremely important aspect of booking a festival as sound systems and equipment can be quite expensive.

Sort Out the Line-up

Before tapping yourself on the shoulder to finish your planning, you will need to book the line-up that already clarified that they would be available and interested in taking part in the festival. Your line-up is seen as what will attract fans, so it’s important to book bands that are well known to those in the community and city where the festival will be taking place.

With these important factors to consider with your first festival, you need to remember that festivals should be handled responsibly with safety in mind for those attending the festival.