An Overview of the London Busking Scene

Busking is an iconic tradition throughout many countries but has been particularly synonymous with many famous British musicians. The activity of busking allows any musician to perform in public areas to be seen, heard, and appreciated. London has always been a perfect destination for many musicians to busk as there are many passers-by, and it just adds more sophistication to the city’s atmosphere.

Here is a bit more information on how to get around busking in London.

Where Busking is Allowed

Busking is allowed in public areas, pitches (through the busking scheme), and on the London Underground Stations. In public areas, it depends on where a person wants to play. Each different part of London does have its own set of rules. Asking fellow buskers whether you are on public property or not is a great way to get started.

Pitches, on the other hand, are readily available to be used by any busker at any time. These are designated busking areas that are scattered across the city. The good thing about these pitches is that they are situated in the most popular areas in London, providing a lot of traffic.

The Underground Busking Scheme

The Underground Busking Scheme assists buskers in becoming licensed performers. In order to receive the assistance, musicians need to go for auditions that will ultimately provide the musicians with the ability to legally busk in more areas throughout London. They are then evaluated on their creativity, skill, and overall performance in front of a panel of music industry professionals that are part of organisations that plan the biggest music festivals.

The Best Spots

Some of the best spots are found by using the designated pitches throughout London. But Lunch time and rush hour will surely provide great success with your busking session with more people being able to witness your talent. By getting licensed as a busker, chances are much better to get the best spots on a more regular basis and be able to learn the underground busking scene.

Information on this article is seen as some of the most important aspects to consider when wanting to take on busking throughout London.