How Bands Get Booked At Festivals

Getting booked for a festival is something that only happens if you are achieving great success in marketing, have a large fan base, or know the right people. If you want to be booked for a festival, follow this guideline for the ultimate in getting your first festival gig in no time.

Get a Booking Agent

A booking agent can help a band to accomplish more than just gigs and to promote the event through various channels.

Booking agents can help bands to get into some of the most celebrated music festivals and help them to get noticed by fans and attendees of each festival or gig. One of the biggest benefits of having a booking agent is that they already have a large network of organisers and fellow booking agents to help with achieving success with festivals and gigs.

Decide on Which Festivals You Want to Get Into

You should have a goal in mind, and that means you should know which festivals you have the biggest chance of getting into. There are many different festivals that are only taking bands of specific genres and calibres of musicianship. Build knowledge on the festivals you might be able to get into and work on those.

Build a Solid Fanbase and Network

A fanbase is probably the most important part of trying to accomplish a career in music. You need followers that will keep your gigs and performances popular. Not only does a fanbase come to gigs, but they will purchase band merchandise which gets your logo and brand name out into the public eye.

A network involves both fans and other bands, organisers, booking agents, club owners, and anybody who you can work to promote your music and get gigs. By having a large fanbase and network, you will become known to most of the festival organisers and owners.

Market Online

An online presence is important with anything that needs financial backing and profit. Although music is an artform where passion and love form the basis of productivity, financial backing is still necessary to make it a career. Social media and websites are the perfect way of marketing your brand by sharing music and upcoming gig information.

With this guide in mind, you will easily be able to build up your network and do all the necessary responsibilities in getting a lucrative festival booking.