The Peace Artistes Street Band magazine is dedicated to the overall major importance street, and festival performances have on the UK music scene. We strive to provide essential details to both performers and the public. No matter whether you are a busker, professional touring musician, or event organiser, this magazine will provide you with the most important need-to-know information and news to make you thrive.

About the Magazine

As a magazine about street and festival performances and performers in the UK, you can be sure to stay updated on all the most important news and advice around the industry and how music stands out as an art form for all occasions and settings to be part of.

No matter what line of work you are doing in the music industry, this magazine will keep you updated on the most important news, advice, and informative information about music, performances, and performers.

Street Performances

Find out more about busking in the UK and where it is most productive to both take part in busking and see some of the most appreciated busking areas in the UK. We provide details on street performances that can help performers learn more about great busking songs, where to busk, and laws around busking.

Festival Bands

Find out about the most renowned festival bands in the UK and how to get booked as a band. We provide vital information and advice on organising music festivals and how to get involved with festivals.

Events and Parties

With street performance and festival bands comes a lot of events to attend. We provide important information not only on upcoming music festivals but also on how to get booked at a festival.

Visit The Peace Artistes Street Band magazine frequently to stay up to date on all the latest news around the UK’s music scene with festivals and street performances.