Bands Known For Their Love of Gambling

Musical acts have long been associated with many different forms of gambling and casino games. Both swing music bands and rock n roll bands have been fond of gambling and the entertainment that casinos offer. These bands and musical acts are listed in this post.


Motorhead showcased their passion for casinos and gambling. Not only do they have many songs about gambling and even have their own slot game. With hit singles such as Ace of Spades, the band is well known for having a love for gambling. Especially with the lead singer and bassist Lemmy Kilmister, it’s obvious that gambling has been a part of his iconic rock n roll life.

The Rat Pack

The Rat Pack is probably the most prevalent music group in gambling throughout history. They are known to have transformed Las Vegas into the gambling destination it is today. Back in the day, the members known as Sinatra, Martin, Davis Jr, Lawford, and Bishop brought swing, swagger, and great musical entertainment to the most famous gambling destination in the world.


Kiss has such a great love for gambling that they own a casino in Braman, Oklahoma, USA. Surprisingly, Ace Freshly, who is a past member of the band, has long been a poker player and has played in numerous tournaments. Ace freshly lives in Las Vegas and has a healthy and responsible love for gambling.

The bands on this list prove just how entertainment has grown and how certain elements such as gambling will stay relevant in entertainment forever. Online betting has recently become the new face of modern gambling with options such as BetTarget free bet that gets you started with ease in games with a hand in music, film, and more. Bet or play classic table games and slot games online for an entertaining experience.