3 Must-Busk Songs About Gambling

Busking is not just about performing the songs that you, as the artist appreciate sometimes. You need to draw spectators’ attention by playing well-known songs that will make them listen. With many casinos being tourist destinations of note, it’s a great idea to busk out these gambling songs for a great win from spectators.

The songs on this list are sure wins to a great busking session.

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Probably the most famous song about gambling and the perfect song to win a buck or two from spectators when busking. Kenny Rogers first released the song in 1978, and many other artists followed by covering the song. The popularity of The Gambler in busking can be heard all throughout the Las Vegas strip busking scene.

Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Elvis Presley is not only the king of Rock n Roll but also of Las Vegas, where gambling and busking are alive and well still today. The song celebrates the love and passion that gamblers have for this famous gambling destination. It stands as a popular and well-known song about gambling to busk that will resonate with most music fans.

Bob Dylan – Rambling, Gambling Willie

Bob Dylan is not an artist known for his willingness to gamble, but he is one of the best storytellers in music and tells the story of Willie, who is a rambling gambling man. As with most of Bob Dylan’s songs throughout the 60s, this song saw a lot of attention from gamblers and music fans alike.

With these songs, it’s clear that casinos have been influencing the artistic and musical mind throughout history. With the digital and online world taking over entertainment as we know it, a fully licensed platform such as BetTarget might even bring a new wave of inspiration to today’s buskers through online gambling.